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Jerry Sadowitz - comedian magician psychopath- is the perfect antidote to man made viruses designed to slow down climate change by ridding the world of people like you! Whether you've had the Coronavirus or just thinking about it? come and aerate your lungs at the world's no.1 offensive forced isolating, comedy scare mongerer! HAVE A LAUGH - as you receive texts in the dark to show that your loved ones have just DIED!! THRILL - to the knowledge that MORE ACCESSIBLE comedians will be forced to cancel their shows because their audience numbers exceed 500!! SMELL - the horror Sadowitz faces because you b**tards stockpiled toilet paper and soap from the supermarkets months before!! GO - &%#* yourself! Please note - Mr. Sadowitz will NOT be contracting the coronavirus as he is a comedian "too big to fail" and refunds will NOT be given to mid or post show punter fatalities. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: BOOKING PERIOD: 6 - 14 August 2021 RUNNING TIME: TBC AGE RESTRICTIONS: TBC VENUE: Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7BX